Join me on these recharging and recuperating events,

where you will access daily powerful sessions, effective workshops, and beautiful experiences.

During all of these days l provide you with applicable tools, techniques and practices

to empower, engage and enrich your life on following levels:


To be more open-hearted, to encourage you to live and come from a place of love and

help you overcome issues with emotional intimacy or repression.


To help you nourish yourself and detox your body, to attract and manifest true love and

to be beautifully intimate with yourself and others to create real connections.


To help you master your thoughts positively and create healthier beliefs

so that you have the confidence and security to communicate and thrive.


To add authentic purpose and deeper connection with yourself so

that you give, receive, grow and experience life in the most fulfilling way possible.

All while you rejuvenate, detoxify and enter a state of flow in a paradise location.