The Heart-Guiding "Hypnose" sessions are transformational programs. They are joint heart journeys in close collaboration. In addition to the conversations, we use tools such as meditation, yoga and breathing techniques.


One session lasts about 90-120 minutes.

We meet in person at your home* or online via Video Conference.


*in person meetings are currently only available in Zurich, which includes City Center Kreis 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, right side of Lake Zurich. Other areas upon arrangement and extra charge for travel expenses.

*valid one time only for new clients

 The Heart-Guiding "Hypnose" supports you with follow topics: 


  • Life & Relationships
    For all those who would like to work on life and relationship topics.
  • Executive
    For high performing people who are under great professional pressure.


The focus with every session lies on: 

  • Higher awareness of the body
  • Higher awareness for the breath
  • Greater awareness of your true nature and needs


On the heart journeys we not only once together discover a lasting connection to your heart; I give you clear, proven methods along the way.


With these you can reach at any time:

  • A calm mind 
  • Space to breathe deeply
  • A healthy relationship with you and your environment
  • Self-confidence and clear focus 


Your private Heart-Guiding "Hypnose" session

60min / CHF 180.-


Safe frame of rest


In life we are often confronted with great challenges.

Be it in relationships, in our personal environment or in business life in general; big challenges often lead to stress. 


The "heart journey" creates a safe space of peace in such times. This allows you to listen attentively to yourself, to your body.

A connection to your heart - to your true nature - is being re-established. 



New perspective on life


The "Heart-Guiding" programs show you a way life that leads you from heaviness to lightness.

This path will bring you a peaceful inner silence through which you will find access to your heart. 


With my undivided attention I create a safe and peaceful set-up for you.

This enables you to connect to your true self out of which a  positive spark ignites.


With compassion and gentleness I lead you back to yourself through movement, breath and conversation.

We work on the levels body, soul and mind. I inspire you to evaluate challenging situations differently and to discover

the power that lies within them. By changing your judgements you open a new perspective on life and on yourself.


Hence you gain more self-confidence and self-esteem. 



Finding focus


 I lead you to a life with more positivity and lightness - a life that makes you feel fully alive.

My goal is to enable you to strengthen your connection to the heart yourself. With this connection you will always be able to focus and you will recognize what is truly right for you.