About me


My name is Natalia.

I was born and raised in Zurich as the daughter of a Thai mother and a Swiss father.

I spent 30 years of my life in Switzerland and lived a typical western life, including my career: As a personal assistant to executives of large international companies, I experienced corporate life in all its dimensions.  One day I decided to follow my inner voice. It said there was more waiting for me "out there". I left my marriage, quit my job and left Switzerland.


On my big adventure I lived in Morocco, California, Central America, India, Bali and Ibiza. Over the years I reinvented myself. I was driven by the desire to discover, by the curiosity about everything that could be created. I lived in the jungle, trained as a yoga teacher and massage therapist, worked as a hotel manager and practiced Reiki.


When I was 34, I wondered what it was that I was. In all my life experience one central point always came to the foreground:

I love to inspire people.


At that time someone asked me to name this; I remembered the tradition of the muse.

A muse inspires and encourages creativity.

So when someone asks me who and what I am, I simply answer:


A Muse. 


The Muse - Source of Creativity


A muse is a person who inspires people to creative achievements. The term originates from Greek antiquity.

It was assumed that inspiration came from an ingenious source - in other words, that ideas were input from outside.

I find a lot of joy in reviving this term in its original sense. In particular, this also means that I clearly distinguish myself from misinterpretations that have any misleading erotic character. 


My purpose and my vision


As a muse my purpose is to support people in strengthening the connection with their hearts. I wish to be able to lead

an authentic life for myself and for my fellow human beings that corresponds to our true nature. A life that makes us feel fully alive, in which we can fully exploit our potential for creativity. A life that always offers us the peace that we so urgently need in today's world.




That is why I created "Inspiring Heartspaced Living".