I am Natalia Tschumi, Yoga teacher and Heart-Guide.

I support you in strengthening the connection to your heart.

By "heart" I mean the soul and the space in which you feel entirely yourself. 




As a Yoga teacher I support you in achieving a more peaceful state of mind

- a better feeling for yourself and your fellow human beings.

I create for you moments of peace and attentiveness which allow you to listen to your body.

This way you build a deep, mindful, healthy relationship with your body and change your view of yourself and your environment.








As a Heart-Guide "Hypnose-Therapist" I work with you on the levels of body, soul and mind.

I lead you to a life with more positivity and ease - a life that makes you feel fully alive.

My goal is to enable you to strengthen your connection to the heart itself.

With this connection you will always be able to focus and recognize what is truly right for you. 



Heart-Guiding "Hypnose"





Whether in Yoga or as Heart-Guide:

I see myself as a Muse who makes you feel deeply inspired and alive. 

My aim is to support you to lead a life from your heart. 



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